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Webinar: Open Source Machine Learning inside MySQL


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Open Source Machine Learning inside MySQL


Jorge Torres, CEO, MindsDB

Patricio Cerda-Mardini, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, MindsDB


Machine Learning should be accessible to every developer! Explore these new powerful ML capabilities of MySQL, brought by the open-source community!

With just a few SQL commands you can enable state-of-the-art ML models to learn from your data automatically. And make predictions the same way as querying data from a table!

Join us to see the live demos of machine learning use cases you can build with MindsDB and MySQL, including natural language processing powered by GPT-3!

And, at the end of this webinar, you'll know how to build machine learning apps on your own data!

About MindsDB

MindsDB, the world's fastest-growing open-source ML platform, brings the power of machine learning inside databases to help developers build AI solutions faster, using their existing skills.

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