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We are super proud of the MindsDB community and everything you do as contributors! See how to collect rewards for your contributions of code, content, and more below …
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You can earn rewards by contributing to MindsDB and earn SWAG credits which you can use to purchase SWAG on our MindsDB SWAG store
Power your app with MindsDB
Build an application or plugin that uses MindsDB in-database machine learning. This will earn you 100 credits.
ML Framework Integration
Build a Machine Learning Framework Integration with MindsDB and earn 48 credits.
New Data-Source Integration
Build a new Data-source Integration with MindsDB and earn 27 credits.
Record a Video Tutorial
Record a Video tutorial about MindsDB and earn 27 credits.
Write a Tutorial about MindsDB
Write a tutorial about a usecase for MindsDB and earn 20 credits.
Bug Fix or Automated Test
Fix bugs or do an automated test and earn 15 credits
Docs contribution, Report a Bug, Manual Tests
Improve the quality of MindsDB documentation or do manual testing and earn 10 points
Report a Bug
Report a bug on Github and earn 3 credits
Accumulate points so that you can purchase MindsDB SWAG!
Contribute to our documentation,report a bug or do manual test 4 times to earn 40 points and purchase a T-shirt worth 35 credits. The more you contribute, the more you earn credits to purchase SWAG with a higher value of swag credits!
Please note that SWAG credits expire 6months after they have been accredited to you.
Claim your SWAG credits
Want to know how to contribute? Check out our Contribution Guide
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Level 2

MindsDB Ambassador

Contribute regularly with unique content:
Write and publish at least 2 original tutorials on how to use MindsDB, or
Make and publish a tutorial video of MindsDB, or
Speak at a local event about MindsDB.
Checkout these tutorial ideas as a start.
We will send you a very nice SWAG box and may sponsor you after a 1:1 discussion and evaluating your work.
The MindsDB team will select you as an ambassador and reach out to you.
MindsDB Ambassador gift
Level 3

MindsDB Community Integrations Maintainer

Contribute regularly with unique content:
Performing user testing,
Building new features, or
Proposing a great idea.
Check what projects are currently open here.
Help make MindsDB a better product and you’ll get a cool SWAG, and after 1:1 discussion plus a predetermined probation period we will provide you sponsorship through GitHub.
Community Maintainer