Open Source is changing the world... one contribution at a time.

We are super proud of the MindsDB community and everything you do as contributors! See how to collect rewards for your contributions of code, content, and more below …
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Level 1

Open Source Contributor

Report a bug in MindsDB by opening a valid GitHub issue
Get your Pull request merged for any open bug, help wanted, enhancements, or good-first-issues
Then let us know where to send this nice t-shirt
Open Source Contributor T-shirt
Level 2

MindsDB Ambassador

Contribute regularly with unique content:
Write and publish at least 2 original tutorials on how to use MindsDB, or
Make and publish a tutorial video of MindsDB, or
Speak at a local event about MindsDB.
Checkout these tutorial ideas as a start.
We will send you a very nice SWAG box and may sponsor you after a 1:1 discussion and evaluating your work.
MindsDB Ambassador gift
Level 3

Community Maintainer

Contribute regularly with unique content:
Performing user testing,
Building new features, or
Proposing a great idea.
Building new features, or
Check what projects are currently open here.
Help make MindsDB a better product and you’ll get a cool SWAG, and after 1:1 discussion plus a predetermined probation period we will provide you sponsorship through GitHub.
Community Maintainer