Machine Learning in your database

Integrate MindsDB and make predictions on top of the data in your existing database using SQL queries, eliminating costly replication and simplifying your application infrastructure.

Get accurate predictions 10x faster

with less complexity.​

Get from idea to accurate business predictions 10x faster and with less complexity using the power of Automated Machine Learning delivered directly in the database. Train and deploy Machine Learning models right inside the database and access the given prediction using standard queries.


Faster and Less Complex R&D

With MindsDB built-in Automated Machine Learning you can quickly generate the right machine learning model your business needs in a matter of hours by leveraging your existing resources.

AI Tables

Instantly Production Ready

Move your models instantly to production, reduce resources, and overhead costs with AI Tables that deliver the results as tables.


Understand, interpret & trust your results

Interpret predictions made by the model. Identify potential data biases, evaluate and visualize model accuracy using the Explainable AI function to adapt and tune your machine learning models faster.

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"The MindsDB integration is another great example of open source innovation and will let MariaDB community users around the world tap into machine learning capabilities.​"
Michael “Monty” Widenius​​
MariaDB Corporation CTO and co-founder​

Developers at leading companies use

“Machine learning inside the database offers every business database end-user the power to move beyond descriptive analytics to predictive analytics – to provide insights on critical business questions with ease from databases – to be a forecasting pro.”
Kirk Borne
Big Data and AI influencer

We simplify the workflow,
you move faster to production.

We automate the model training and deploying workflow, increase prediction capabilities by using data directly at the source and reduce the cost and complexity of model selection, training iteration, and testing.
"I am excited to see MindsDB providing the power of machine learning, without leaving the convenience of SQL. There has been significant demand in the community for machine learning tools that work with on-premises data, can be run by the average database user, and are delivered cost-effectively."
Peter Zaitsev
CEO of Percona

Use Machine Learning to predict
what matters most to your business.

Maximize revenue, predict churn, lifetime value, customer behavior, conversion, and utilization, detect fraud, and perform other vital tasks for your business at speed. MindsDB works on various tabular data such as numbers, categories, dates/timestamps, text (including lengthy text, e.g., articles), and images, so your use cases are limitless.

Churn Reduction​

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Therefore, it is essential for marketing departments to make sure they keep customers satisfied and to provide them with personalized offers at the right time in order to reduce customer turnover.

Risk Prediction​

An accurate prediction model is the cornerstone of today's risk prediction. MindsDB makes vast amounts of data accessible to build models that improve decision making and ultimately save time and money for companies.

Credit Scoring

Determining which customers to give credit to, is still the key challenge for most financial institutions. With accurate predictive models MindsDB helps financial institutions determine customers’ credit worthiness.