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Mastering GPT for Real-World Scenarios


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Mastering GPT
for Real-World Scenarios

A Practical #Dev Workshop

Live on Wednesdays

at 10 AM PST


Martyna Slawinska, Software Engineer, MindsDB

Ian Unsworth, Business Development Lead, MindsDB


Join us on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM US Pacific (17:00 GMT) for a live hands-on developer training on building real-world AI solutions with GPT. Discover how to use AI's power in your own use cases and real-life scenarios.

The session is structured as a short, 40-minute practical walkthrough and interactive Q&A, guided by MindsDB technical experts.

Our itinerary includes:

  1. Demo 1 → How to build a Product Reviews Agent
    In the first example, you’ll learn how to build an agent that monitors product review sentiment using OpenAI’s GPT. The agent instantly sends Slack alerts for specific review types, including drafting responses.
  2. Demo 2 → How to build a Real-Time Trading Alerts Agent
    In the second example, you'll see how to automate real-time forecasts for BTC/USDT crypto trading using the latest pre-trained TimeGPT AI model. The agent then sends forecasts through Slack notifications.

About MindsDB:

MindsDB is an open-source AI Automation Platform that allows you to effectively build applied AI solutions for enterprises. We seamlessly connect models with the data layer for deploying AI over dynamic data - from state-of-the-art LLMs and advanced vector operations to the forefront of time-series forecasting and classical ML techniques. MindsDB's game-changing platform empowers developers to harness the full potential of AI with their existing skill sets.

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