MindsDB AI App Challenge

A 60-day online coding marathon to build useful open-source apps with AI baked-in
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Step into the future of AI application development with the MindsDB AI Open Source Virtual Hackathon, a coding marathon designed to bring the best out of programmers, innovators, and AI enthusiasts worldwide. MindsDB team invites you to create groundbreaking open-source applications leveraging MindsDB, a revolutionary open-source server for deploying and managing AI Logic.
Across 60 transformative days, participants will brainstorm, design, and build impressive AI-powered applications that make the most out of MindsDB's capabilities. Whether you're an AI veteran or a budding coder, our hackathon is designed to be a learning experience for all, encouraging participants to push the boundaries of their creativity and technical expertise.
The MindsDB team will guide you through the intricacies of MindsDB and share best practices for developing with our powerful AI Logic Server.

About the Hackathon

The central theme of the Hackathon is building automated AI-powered systems using MindsDB to help abstract and automate AI Logic. This hackathon is a grand opportunity for participants to showcase their creativity and technical prowess by developing applications that can harness the potential of artificial intelligence through MindsDB.

MindsDB has been designed to make AI and machine learning accessible to developers of all skill levels, and we're excited to see the innovative ways in which participants utilize it. Your challenge is to use MindsDB to power your application, whether it be streamlining operations, providing data-driven insights, enhancing user experience, or creating something completely new and unique. This is your chance to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI and bring your most ambitious ideas to life. Let's shape the future of AI application development together!

How to Participate in the MindsDB
AI Open-Source Virtual Hackathon

Participating in the Hackathon is straightforward. Please follow the steps below to join this exciting event:
Step 1:
Visit our official website and navigate the Hackathon page. Click on "Register Now" to start your registration process. You can register as an individual or as a team.
Step 2:
Idea Generation
Start brainstorming your application idea and high-level architecture. Consider how you can effectively incorporate MindsDB as an AI logic layer into your application.
Step 3:
Choose a Data Source and AI Framework
For your application, you must choose one of the 100+ available data source integrations that MindsDB supports. Your choice of data source should align with your application's needs.

Next, choose one of the 15 supported Machine Learning (ML) frameworks to build your application. The choice of ML framework should depend on your comfort level, your application's requirements, and how you plan to use MindsDB. In the end, automate the whole workflow using the JOBS syntax.
Step 4:
Development Phase
The next step is developing your application. This phase will take place throughout the Hackathon. Remember, mentors and resources are available to assist you during this process.
Step 5:
Submit your finished application and a short demonstration video/tutorial on how it works. Include your code and any other relevant information in your submission. Make sure the code is publicly accessible.
Submit your project here.↗
Step 6:
Stay Tuned for Results
After the review, the judges will deliberate, and the winners will be announced during the closing ceremony. Be sure to join us on Slack and find out if you've won!
Rewards and prizes
Prizes totaling $5000 are up for grabs, with awards recognizing everything from the most innovative application to the best open-source contribution and the people's choice award. So, if you're passionate about open-source development and ready to explore the forefront of AI technology, register for the Hackathon. Join us on this exciting journey to create, innovate, and inspire!
First Prize:
Awarded to the team or individual with the most innovative and functional application using MindsDB.
Second Prize:
Awarded for the second most unique project based on the same criteria.
Best Open Source Contribution:
Awarded to the team/individual that builds a great app and enhances the MindsDB project during the hackathon.
People’s Choice Award:
Chosen through online votes by all the participants.
Most Promising Young Developer(s) (Under 18):
Encouraging young developers to participate and awarding the best project under this category.
Hackathon Best Practices
If possible, share a demo (video format is better) of your final project.
If possible, share login demo credentials.
Explain in an article why and how you used MindsDB.