Webinar: How to do Machine Learning in the database using simple SQL queries with AI Tables

How to do Machine Learning in the database using simple SQL queries with AI Tables.

MindsDB hosted a webinar with top Big Data and AI influencer Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jorge Torres, CEO of MindsDB, on “How to run machine learning inside a database.” 

In this session, our speakers explained how by using SQL and the innovative technology called AI Tables, you can apply machine learning models directly in the database to generate forecasts as simple tables.

If you missed the live event, you can watch the complimentary recording and download the slides by filling out the form.

Dr. Kirk Borne is the Principal Data Scientist for Booz Allen and a global speaker and influencer in Big Data, data science, and AI. He spoke on the topic of “Democratizing Machine Learning for Business Value Creation from Data.” This engaging discussion presented a new option for companies without the resources or data science expertise to deploy predictive analytics models. Instead, organizations can provide data analytics tools and techniques within existing business workflows and tools.

Jorge Torres, CEO of MindsDB, has co-hosted the webinar with Borne to demonstrate how organizations can reduce machine learning complexity by bringing models directly to the data source. Using standard SQL queries and a new type of database table called AI Tables, users can apply machine learning models straight in the database to automatically generate predictions as simple tables.

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