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Webinar: Bring the power of NLP into your database


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Bring the power of NLP into your database


Jorge Torres, CEO, MindsDB

Tom Hudson, Engineering Lead, MindsDB


Your database is full of rich data … but extracting meaning from any text-based data is challenging. 

MindsDB integrates popular databases with state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks, including pre-trained natural language models from Hugging Face and OpenAI's GPT-3. With MindsDB, you can apply NLP to all your data at once with just a few SQL commands instead of making individual API calls and moving massive amounts of data. 

Join this hands-on webinar to learn more and see the live demo of popular use cases, like classifying and labeling text, question answering, text summarization, etc

And, at the end of this webinar you'll be able to deploy NLP on your own data!

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