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QuestDB and MindsDB Partner to Advance Machine Learning Predictions

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Media Contact:
Martin Smith
(415) 965.3212

San Francisco, CA and London - May 24, 2022 - QuestDB, the fastest open-source time-series database on the market, and MindsDB, the leader in in-database machine learning, today announced a technology partnership to advance machine learning predictions. Through the integrated solution, data science and data engineering teams can increase their organization’s predictive capabilities to plan for and address real-world business issues.

Users of QuestDB will now be able to add Machine Learning based predictions directly into their datasets. This dramatically simplifies the task of analyzing and predicting future trends, putting ML capabilities into the hands of every developer or data scientist familiar with QuestDB. The use cases for business predictions cut across every business function such as finance, sales, risk analysis, logistics, operations, Human Resources and marketing.

MindsDB is an open-source solution that allows anyone with knowledge of SQL to bring advanced Machine Learning capabilities into their existing databases. It allows users to add a Machine Learning-based prediction layer to their datasets. MindsDB has quickly grown a significant following in both the developer and data scientist communities thanks to its simplicity and power.

“Running MindsDB with ​QuestDB can significantly increase the​ performance of ​processing time-series data and reduce the ​time require​d ​to train​​ and deploy​ your machine learning models,” said Nicolas Hourcard, Chief ​Executive Officer, ​QuestDB. “As our customers deploy enterprise ​ML​ applications at scale, the seamless integration with MindsDB and ​QuestDB will accelerate the development and deployment of ​their ​​time-series based machine learning use cases."

Commenting on the partnership, Jorge Torres, Co-Founder and CEO of MindsDB, said, “MindsDB’s open source framework allows ML models to be identified and developed quickly using AutoML and then deployed at speed and scale with AI Tables.  By automating model training and deploying workflows while leveraging the data directly at the data layer, MindsDB helps companies increase prediction capabilities and reduce the cost and complexity of model selection, training iteration, and testing. MindsDB enables database users to get predictions as database tables, using simple queries to unlock the value in the data they already have.”

You can join the waiting list for the QuestDB cloud-hosted version private beta at https://questdb.io/cloud and try MindsDB to connect to data, train an ML model, and make a prediction at http://www.mindsdb.com

About QuestDB

QuestDB is an open source high-performance time series database built from the ground up to offer breakthrough performance for real-time analytics using SQL. The team behind QuestDB brings decades of experience and technical approaches from low-latency applications to leverage real-time data processing. QuestDB is a remote-first company and is backed by leading venture capital firms and Y Combinator. For more information, visit questdb.io, QuestDB on GitHub, or follow @QuestDB.

About MindsDB

MindsDB helps anyone use the power of machine learning to ask predictive questions of their data and receive accurate answers from it.  MindsDB was founded in 2017 by Adam Carrigan (COO) and Jorge Torres (CEO) and is backed with over $7.6M in seed funding from Walden Catalyst Ventures, YCombinator, OpenOcean, the venture fund launched by the creators of MySQL and MariaDB, SpeedInvest, and the University of California Berkeley SkyDeck fund. MindsDB is also a graduate of YCombinators recent Winter batch and was recognized as one of America's most promising AI companies by Forbes.  To see how MindsDB can help you visit www.mindsdb.com or follow us @MindsDB.



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