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MindsDB Announces San Francisco AI Collective: A Network for Open-source Machine Learning and AI Projects

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MindsDB, an artificial intelligence virtual database enabling the creation of the next wave of AI-centered applications, today announced the MindsDB AI Collective, a San Francisco-based network of AI startups and developers advancing open-source machine learning and AI projects while providing resource connections with investors, technical assistance and talent. The AI Collective's mission is to create a community of AI and open-source contributors, collaborating to build projects that contribute positively to the world.

"Our mission is to create an outlet where people can come together to discuss and partner to start open-source machine learning and AI projects while sharing resources and learnings," said Jorge Torres, CEO and co-founder of MindsDB. "We believe that by fostering a supportive and collaborative community, we can help accelerate the development of AI technology that benefits everyone."

The unique space located in the Mission district of San Francisco welcomes developers, AI researchers and anyone interested in learning more about AI and ML technologies through ongoing hosted events and networking. MindsDB believes that diversity of thought and experience is key to building a strong, engaged and supportive community. The AI Collective welcomes startups and individuals from all backgrounds and levels of experience to join the new AI hub.

As the program grows, MindsDB's vision for the AI Collective is to become a community where AI startups and developers unite based on common interests and to address industry challenges. This collaboration will play a pivotal role in shaping public perspectives, ultimately leading to heightened corporate and public responsibility, improved ethical standards, and enhanced accountability for AI.

"The creation of the collective is built upon principles of openness, transparency, and collaboration, all of which are essential in this era of AI," said Iain McIntyre, Head of Growth at MindsDB. "It is crucial for everyone, from startups to individuals, to recognize the potential outcomes and downstream effects of their AI technologies. Through the AI Collective, we are actively constructing an ecosystem that's not only accountable for what's being built, but that connects companies and initiatives to foster responsible practices."

If interested in joining, or for more information please visit https://www.meetup.com/sf-ai-collective/.

About MindsDB
MindsDB enables developers to create the next wave of AI-centered applications that will transform the way we live and work. MindsDB was founded in 2017 by Adam Carrigan (COO) and Jorge Torres (CEO) and is backed with $46.5M in seed funding from Benchmark, BGV, Mayfield, MMC, NVentures, OpenOcean, SpeedInvest, TQ Ventures, University of California Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, Walden Catalyst Ventures and YCombinator. MindsDB is also recognized by Forbes as one of America's most promising AI companies (2021) and by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for Data and AI (2022). To see how MindsDB can help you visit www.mindsdb.com or follow us @MindsDB.

Media Contact:
Jordan Beadle



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