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Have a brilliant idea of how to use in-database NLP for good?
Create a tutorial and get fabulous prizes!

New Hugging Face - MindsDB integration unlocks the power of natural language processing inside databases.
With just two SQL commands, you can extract meaning, analyze sentiment, detect hate speech or spam, and automatically summarize, translate, and convert your text data into valuable insights!  


Create and share a unique tutorial on how to use this integration for various NLP use cases inside 70+ supported databases and data platforms and:

Get a cool MindsDB t-shirt and Wireless JBL Earbuds - for every author who publishes a unique tutorial validated by the MindsDB team.

MindsDb t-shirt

Get a 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand - if your tutorial reaches over 1k minutes watched/read.

Get T&E covered for MindsDB AI Conference in San Francisco. An author of the highest quality and/or novel content will get economy return air tickets and 2-night hotel accommodation (max $4k in total) to participate in the MindsDB conference in San Francisco during 2023, including a networking dinner with MindsDB founders! 

Get a full-time or part-time paid remote job at MindsDB. MindsDB team will invite the best and the most novel content authors for job interviews for the current and future open roles.

Criteria for the novel content:

  • Novel use cases (in terms of datasets and problems solved).
  • Novel data connections (in terms of data sources used).
  • Novel application of the underlying tech (i.e., using a transformer in creative ways for zero-shot classification, for instance).


  • Contest will run from December 12th, 2022, till January 29th, 2023.
  • You can make written and/or video tutorials.
  • You must get quality validation from the MindsDB team before publishing.
  • Only tutorials published on Medium or YouTube will count for the “number of minutes read/watched” prize.
  • You can submit multiple tutorials, but there will be one prize per author. Minutes read/watched of different tutorials will not sum up.
  • Tutorials must be unique in terms of MindsDB integrations and use cases (datasets).
  • You must submit this form with your details, links to your content, and stats.

How to participate

  • Check examples of written and video tutorials.
  • Check the Content Guidelines -> at the bottom of this page.
  • Join MindsDB Slack Community.
  • Post to the #competitions channel what use case, database integration, and Hugging Face model you are planning to write for*. Get the OK from the MindsDB team.
  • Create a draft of your tutorial and submit it for review to the MindsDB team via Slack.
  • After approval**, proceed to finalize and publish it.
  • Submit this form no later than January 29th, 11:59 PM PST. Collect and attach YouTube and/or Medium stats*** (see instructions) if you want to claim the minutes read/watched prize. No re-submissions after the deadline, please!
  • MindsDB will announce the winners next week after the contest deadline. Any communications or questions should be made via the #competitions channel on Slack.


* Please avoid repetitive content (in terms of integrations and datasets). Check the integrations and use cases others are writing for (will be pinned on top of the #competitions Slack channel).

** The MindsDB team will try to respond quickly, but it can sometimes take a couple of business days. Take this into account.

*** IMPORTANT! MindsDB may disqualify participants when detecting suspicious activity like using bots or similar tech for gaming the minutes read/watched. We will check your content stats to align with other engagement signals, such as YouTube likes or Medium claps, comments, traffic sources, etc. Let’s play fair and respect each other!

Content Guidelines

Write in Second Person.

Speak to your readers directly using “you” and “your.” Avoid “we” and “our.”

Use Conversational, Business-Appropriate Language.

Ask yourself, “Would I talk like this?” Use your real-world experience, but avoid jargon

Every tutorial should have an introduction.

A good intro needs to answer such questions:
- What’s the paint point I’m addressing here? 
- What’s the solution to this problem?
- Let the user know how you’re going to teach them to solve this pain point.

Support Claims With Evidence.

For claims you make, ask yourself, “How can I prove this?” You can do this by including a link to a reputable article, or quoting another source, etc.

No Plagiarism.

Switching out a few words in a sentence is not enough to make the content original, so be sure to put everything in your own words.

Images Copyright.

You may not use images from another website unless they expressly allow it. If you need free stock images, use a site like Unsplash, Pexels, etc.

Every tutorial should have a conclusion.

This should restate the thesis of the tutorial and remind readers/viewers what they learned. It may also include other resources that the audience can reference to learn more.

Voiceover for video tutorials.

Suppose you can’t produce a high-quality studio-like voiceover in good English yourself. In that case, we encourage you to use tools like or similar to create a voiceover and, if you want, an AI video avatar.


Please use a large font size or resolution for easy readability.

Use of logos.

Please check the brand guidelines when using logos in your images or videos. See MindsDB branding guideline here.


ase follow these publishing best practices, which will help you get more exposure:

  • Come up with a catchy headline and description for your content. 
  • Adjust SEO settings for better search discoverability (meta title, description, url).
  • Make an attractive Thumbnail image.
  • Add appropriate hashtags. Don’t forget to include the #mindsdb tag.
  • The first hours (days) after publishing are important to get picked up by the recommendation engines. Therefore try to pick the publishing time during the readers' peaks of online activity.
  • Share your content on social media and respective 3rd party communities whenever it makes sense.
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