GO #Hacktoberfest WITH MindsDB

The Hacktoberfest Prize Draw for the Razor blade 16 Laptops will take place during the MindsDB Month-End Community Call on 30th November 11am EST. Winners for the scholarship and app developer package will also be announced. Join us to see who wins
Hacktoberfest hero image
To claim your prizes, ensure that you submit all your work along with the links to your pull requests (PRs) and your contact details. Stay updated on announcements and feel free to reach out with any questions through our Community Slack. The prize draw is scheduled for late November, considering the high volume of submissions that we still need to review
How to Contribute
Collect credits by completing GitHub issues and convert them into prizes
Coding tasks
Fix a bug
Build a new data source integration
Build an app integration
Build an AI engine integration
Build an application powered by MindsDB
non-Coding tasks
Report a bug
Contribute to docs
Write a QA/UX test
Write a tutorial / blog post
Create a video tutorial
credits vary by task complexity. Check each issue for specific credits. We will also award extra credits for exceptional quality of contributions, feature-rich and innovative integrations, etc
For every 100 credits earned, you will receive one entry into the draw for the
2 awesome Razer Blade 16 laptops!
13th Gen Intel Core i9-13950HX
16" Dual UHD+FHD+ Mini-LED display
GeForce RTX 4070
32 GB 5600 MHz RAM
1 TB SSD and more
Redeem credits for the SWAG of your choice
Exclusive T-shirts
Check MindsDB SWAG store for more details:
MindsDB Empowerment Package for App Developers
To supercharge your application's growth, MindsDB is proud to offer the following comprehensive support package to standout contributors who develop applications with our platform:
Cloud Enhancement:
Cloud Credits: Jumpstart your application with cloud credits, ensuring smooth scalability and robust performance right from the outset.
Access to Beta Features: Early access to beta features that MindsDB team is working on.
Guided Mentorship:
Direct Sessions with MindsDB Core Team: Delve deep into the nuances of MindsDB and understand how to best harness its capabilities for your app.
Three-Month Extended Mentorship: Beyond the hackathon, we're with you on your journey. Receive consistent feedback, guidance, and support as you refine and expand your application over next three months.
Dedicated Support: We will provide a fast-track support channel to ensure you get quick and detailed responses to any technical queries.
MindsDB University Scholarship
We recognize, reward, and invest in the brightest minds within our community. We're committed to fostering growth and believe in empowering our contributors through education.
Course Credits: Each of the 10 selected scholars will receive $500 in course credits to enroll in any online course of their choosing.
One-on-One Guidance Session: Winners will have a dedicated session with a MindsDB mentor to guide them in selecting courses aligned with their career aspirations.
Scholarship Guidelines:
Eligibility: The scholarship is open to all MindsDB Hacktoberfest contributors.
Nomination: Contributors can either nominate themselves or be nominated by another community member.
Contribution Quality: Only contributions made during Hacktoberfest and accepted by the MindsDB repository will be considered.
Engagement: Active participation in community discussions, forums, and constructive feedback will be taken into account.
Hackathon Rules
  • Check GitHub issues labeled `hacktoberfest`, `help-wanted`.
  • You’ll see the number of credits you can earn inside each issue. If you want to suggest a new idea for the contribution, please submit a new issue using one of these templates, and our team will review and assign the credits. Then, you can start working on it.
  • Once ready submit the PR.
  • If your PR is merged, submit the form with the links to your PRs and your contact details.
  • The deadline to submit the forms is October 31st, 11:59 PM PST.
  • We will make the draw in the middle of November.
  • All the announcements and communications are done via Slack. Please join our community workspace in order not to miss important updates.
Submit your work
About MindsDB
MindsDB brings an AI brain to the data source, enabling developers to use existing skills to create the next wave of AI-centered applications that will transform the way we live and work.
We abstract large language models, time-series, regression, and classification frameworks as virtual tables (AI-Tables), automating the complexity of building, fine-tuning, and deploying models over dynamic data.

Frequently asked questions

How many contributions can I make and how will they count?

Feel free to make as many contributions as you like in any category. The more credits you earn, the higher your chances to win the laptop. All the credits you earn will sum up and become available to you to spend in our SWAG store.

Can I receive the cash prize instead of the laptop or SWAG?

No, we do not provide cash prizes.

How will you deliver a laptop to my country?

Depending on the shipping and customs regulations for your location, we may substitute the laptop with a similar one, that is available locally in your country.

Why do I need to submit the form with my contact details?

GitHub doesn’t currently allow privately contacting contributors within their platform, therefore we need your contact details to ensure the prizes can reach the winners.

My PR cannot get merged before the contest deadline. What should I do?

Please reach out to us via community Slack as soon as possible. We will do our best to help you

I have some questions. How can I reach you?

You can always get in touch with us via our Community Slack

I have submitted the form but want to change it.

You should be able to edit the responses in the form and this is the best way to make edits before the submission deadline. If you are experiencing any difficulties with editing responses, you can reach out to a MindsDB team member via  our Slack. In the worst case if you can’t access your previous response, you could submit another form, but please add some notes about that in the comments section.

How will I know if I win?

We will take 2 weeks to process all the submissions, make the draw, and release the credits for the swag store in the middle of November. We will announce the winners in our Community Slack and email them individually.

My PR has been rejected. Why?

We understand how much effort goes into creating a PR, and we genuinely appreciate your contribution. PRs can be rejected for various reasons:

  • Code Quality: The submitted code might not adhere to the coding standards or guidelines we've established. It's essential for consistency and maintainability that all code follows these standards.
  • Missing or Inadequate Testing: Any new code or changes need to be accompanied by appropriate tests. If tests are missing, incomplete, or failing, the PR might be rejected.
  • Conflicting Changes: Sometimes, multiple PRs can address the same issue or part of the codebase. If another PR was merged before yours, it could lead to merge conflicts or redundant changes.
  • Unclear Intent: If it's not clear what problem the PR is solving or how it's solving it, we might need more information. Proper documentation, clear commit messages, and detailed PR descriptions help reviewers understand your changes.
  • Dependency Issues: Introducing new libraries or dependencies might have licensing, security, or compatibility implications.
  • Feedback Not Incorporated: If a PR received feedback in earlier reviews and those suggestions or corrections weren't incorporated, it could lead to rejection.
Please don't be disheartened. Review the feedback provided in the PR comments. Addressing the mentioned concerns and resubmitting your PR is always encouraged. Remember, every contribution, whether merged or not, is a learning opportunity and a step towards making the project better.