How to Get Involved in the MindsDB Community

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As MindsDB continues to grow and usage of our technology increases so does our community. One of the first questions new MindsDB users ask is how they can get involved in the MindsDB community. We’re thrilled that our users want to engage with our product and community and provide them with several ways they can get involved.

To get involved in the MindsDB community, you can:

Download MindsDB

The easiest way to get involved in the MindsDB community is to download MindsDB. Downloading MindsDB lets you understand exactly what MindsDB does and can do for you. Understanding the product makes engaging with our community a much more valuable experience.

You can download MindsDB through our Github repo or by going to our docs.

Get Trained

Our training course teaches you machine learning and MindsDB in a matter of hours. Successful completion of our training course gives you access to exclusive opportunities. Opportunities include access to special events and workshops, advanced training, and free MindsDB merchandise.

Contribute on Github

As an open source project, we have an active community of contributors on Github. Our contributors are developers and passionate technologists who use MindsDB for a host of use cases. They contribute to our repo because they want to take part in helping develop the MindsDB framework.

By contributing to our repo, you increase your familiarity with MindsDB and can interact with other contributors directly.

Attend Events

You can find the MindsDB team at various technology events and conferences throughout the year. We also host our own events in cities around the world. While at these events, you can meet and connect with other users as well as members of our team. We announce both the external events we attend and the ones we host through our newsletter. Signing up for it will keep you informed on where we’ll be and when.

Join Our Community Forum

The MindsDB community lives on This forum gives you the opportunity to chat with other members of the MindsDB community. You can also share ideas and best practices, ask questions, discuss your projects, and provide feedback. Moderated by MindsDB’s engineers, joining the MindsDB community forum gives you direct access to MindsDB’s development team.

Connect on Social Media

We’re on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube. We love connecting with our users socially. Follow us on any of those channels to join the conversation. On both Facebook and Twitter, you can send us direct messages and receive prompt responses. On Linkedin, you can learn more about the ways that MindsDB Enterprise is used in production. You can also stay on top of the ways MindsDB helps businesses gain better data insights. Our Youtube page gives you access to how-to videos and a front row seat to presentations we've given.

Attend Webinars

We host webinars and, by attending them, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new topics that are related to MindsDB. Attending our webinars also lets you ask questions to the webinar host—usually a senior MindsDB team member—during the Q&A section of the webinar. Webinar announcements are made on our social channels and through our newsletter. Make sure you’re following us on social and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on when the next one will be.

Provide Feedback

As an open source solution, we want to continually ensure that our product works in the ways that our users need it to work. Thus, we like maintaining an open feedback loop with our users. We’re always looking for users to provide feedback on how MindsDB works for them, where they think there’s room for improvement, and any additional thoughts they may have on the product. The best way to provide feedback is by either sending an email to with your thoughts or signing up to be a beta tester. Beta testers try new versions of MindsDB before anyone else and provide feedback that helps improve the product.

MindsDB was built to make life easier for developers and those who must make data-driven discussions. We created the avenues mentioned above to make sure that we can do that. For questions on additional ways to get involved with the MindsDB community, email