Agents in Action - MindsDB Hackathon Recap

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Overview of the Event

This past weekend, we opened our doors to 250 innovative hackers at MindsDB's headquarters in San Francisco. Over a span of 48 hours, participants developed agents designed for real-world application, supported by the release of Meta’s Llama 3 and our MindsDB Inference endpoints. Our hackers had free, unlimited access to all supported models, encouraging them to create robust and reliable agents.

The event was structured into two rounds of judging. Initially, 17 teams presented their projects in a science fair format, engaging directly with the community and a set of 10 judges. From there, the top 6 teams advanced to the finals, presenting live on stage to an audience of over 200 people, followed by a Q&A session before the winners were decided.

Why We Hosted This Hackathon

At MindsDB, we believe in nurturing a strong community of AI enthusiasts and builders. Hosting a hackathon with partners like Mayfield and AgentOps allowed us to reinforce our commitment to the AI community and provide a platform for innovation and collaboration.

Events are core to us in maintaining our relationship with the booming AI community both virtually and in-person. See our upcoming events here

Project Submissions and Round 1 of Demos

Seventeen teams participated, each developing unique agents to tackle diverse challenges. Projects ranged from Nexus AI’s niche solution for enterprise procurement to Nouspo’s adaptive AI agents that can learn any API documentation, enhancing coding copilot capabilities.

Explore all submitted projects and their creative solutions here in the Devpost project gallery.

Winners and Prizes

The competition was fierce, with thousands of dollars in prizes. Here are the top three teams:

First Place: Nexus AI

Team members Kevin, Sunny, Kate, and Shikar developed an AI voice agent capable of negotiating with vendors to secure the best prices, automating tasks typically handled by procurement officers.

Second Place: AI Sales Outreach Crew

Bayram utilized CrewAI and AgentOps technologies to automate sales processes, enabling AI agents to research and reach out to potential customers.

Third Place: Off the Record

Girri and Muthhukumar created a platform for users to freely express their thoughts, with AI agents providing personalized feedback based on the discussions.

Looking Forward

We are thrilled with the success of this hackathon and look forward to hosting more events that contribute to the advancement of AI technologies. Check our website for information on upcoming events and how you can get involved.

Stay tuned and keep building!