Build AI applications fast

By connecting your database with popular AI frameworks, MindsDB radically simplifies the process of applying machine learning to your end-user applications.

Level-up your team. Faster than ever before.

MindsDB abstracts LLMs, time series, regression, and classification models as virtual tables (AI-Tables). Using familiar SQL statements to interact with AI Tables increases accessibility within organizations, enabling development teams to easily level-up their existing skills for building and maintaining AI/ML applications.
Connect your data to a full ecosystem of
state-of-the-art of ML and LLMs
Smart assistants for your favourite messaging apps
Classification and Regression
Automate categorization and estimations
Predict future behaviour
Recommendation Engine
Usage based in-product suggestions
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Real-Time R&D

Conduct rapid prototyping and evaluation of AI Agents and ML workflows.

Instantly go from prototype
to production

Publish your AI Agent directly into end-user applications with zero infrastructure set up.

Automated workflows

Orchestrate workflows in response to specific conditions or events
No matter where your data lives we have you covered​
Over 100 datasources that seamlessly work with your tech stack
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Connect to a full ecosystem of state-of-the art ML with a single SQL statement.

Understand, summarize, generate and predict text​

Conversational Language Models​

AI Generated Images and text from an image ​

Build AI applications fast with MindsDB

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