In-Database Machine Learning

Query the future from inside your database with AI-Tables

How MindsDB Works

Data preparation in SQL

Perform pre-processing of your data inside your database. SQL is one of the most
powerful data preparation tools available and with MindsDB you
can feed your data into a Machine Learning model using standard SQL.

Automatically Build and Deploy ML Models

Take your data and build accurate predictive models with SQL, all without the need to know any programming languages and because we pull data directly from your database, deploying useful models is instant.

What people are saying

Our testimonials

Oliver Schabenberger Chief Innovation Officer at

“Running MindsDB with SingleStore can significantly increase the performance and reduce the computational requirements of training your machine learning models,”

Michael "Monty" Widenius MariaDB Corporation CTO and Co-Founder of MySQL

"The MindsDB integration is another great example of open source innovation and will let MariaDB community users around the world tap into machine learning capabilities"

Peter Zaitsev CEO at

"I am excited to see MindsDB providing the power of machine learning, without leaving the convenience of SQL. There has been significant demand in the community for machine learning tools that work with on-premises data, can be run by the average database user, and are delivered cost-effectively."

Patrik Backman Co-Founder of

“This integration will have a massive impact on the industry as the MariaDB user base finds new ways to solve their problems by bringing machine learning inside the database.”

Eric Carr Senior Director at

“Looker’s unique architecture is uniquely placed to take advantage of some of the really exciting things such as Automated Machine Learning with MindsDB”

Robert Hodges CEO at

“Thank you so much to the MindsDB team for making this possible and introducing this really interesting problem of integrating ML capabilities with Databases”

Kirk Borne Principal Data Scientist at

“Machine learning inside the database offers every business database end-user the power to move beyond descriptive analytics to predictive analytics – to provide insights on critical business questions with ease from databases – to be a forecasting pro.”

Tarik Dwiek Head of Technology Alliances at

“MindsDB is enabling organizations to significantly speed and simplify the development of enterprise AI applications and quickly build real-time machine learning models over multivariate time-series data using standard SQL commands”

Sam Ramji Chief Strategy Office at

“With Astra DB and MindsDB, enterprises across all sectors are increasingly able to leverage Open Source based machine learning to accelerate decision-making and innovation, reduce liability and mitigate risks, and serve up better experiences to their users.”

    Model Generation

    Solve complex problems with ease

    MindsDB supports a variety of complex problem types, simplifying your project and speeding up the model generation process through advanced automation, while retaining flexibility of your models. It can also solve problems that were not possible before, like Multivariate Time-Series.

    Time Series

    Predict into the future using historical data.

    Applications: Anomaly Detection, Sales forecasting, predictive maintenance, Multivariate Time-Series etc.


    Predicting a continuous-valued attribute associated with an object.

    Applications: Default Rates, Risk prediction, prices, etc.


    Identifying which category an object belongs to.

    Applications: Churn, Conversion, fraud, Spam detection, etc.