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Machine Learning Inside the Database – Predictions at the Speed of Questions

MindsDB is proud to publish a first guest post by Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen and top Big Data and AI influencer. In the article below, Kirk Borne shares his experience in doing descriptive analytics and predictive analytics for NASA and explains the benefits brought by bringing Machine Learning at the data source. … Read More

The Importance of Explainable AI for Decision Making

A major advantage gained by leveraging AI in the business world is optimizing the human decision-making process. For example, computing power combined with Machine Learning models allows businesses to wean actionable information from massive amounts of data. As such, making sense of Big Data is driving the adoption of AI in multiple industries.
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Ten Examples of Machine Learning for Small Businesses

For many years, larger enterprise-level businesses have been able to leverage the greatest gains from machine learning (ML). Bigger datasets enabled more detailed interrogation, while larger firms tended to have the deeper pockets necessary to develop and deploy traditional ML models. … Read More

Machine Learning and MindsDB

MindsDB helps bring state-of-the-art machine learning as close as possible to where the data lives: production databases. It currently supports supervised learning tasks and is customizable depending on each user’s needs. … Read More

AI-Tables in MariaDB

Database users are the best to know what data is relevant for ML models. Virtual AI tables in MariaDB allows users to run Automated Machine Learning models directly from inside the database. This article is an overview of this integration capability … Read More

Using MindsDB in Amazon SageMaker

Learn how to use MindsDB’s packaged container and Amazon SageMaker SDK to train models and use them to host the endpoint on Amazon SageMaker with a few lines of code. … Read More

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