Shopify Machine Learning

Improve your Store business today 

Use Cases

Forecast Sales

Build more accurate sales and revenue forecasts by product category / subcategory, etc

Minimize Refunds

Determine refund probability of for your orders and take an appropriate actions to minimize loss

Manage Inventory 

Forecast inventory by SKU, product category and so on, to optimize your supply

Predict Customer LTV

Forecast life-time value of your customers to improve loyalty programs and marketing campaigns

Classify Customers

Apply machine learning for better customer classification and segmentation

Optimize Pricing

Determine the optimal pricing for improving store performance, or to make it dynamic

Build Recommendations

Make your custom recommendation engine optimized for you

Detect Anomalies

Flag anomalies in almost any workflow for timely performing corrective actions

How it works

1. Connect MindsDB to your Shopify data.

2. Use simple SQL commands to automatically train predictive ML models and add forecasts to your data.

3. Use analytical tools to get insights or add predictions into your custom apps via SQL

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