NLP inside your database

Apply the power of OpenAI's GPT and Hugging Face models to the text data in your database in just a few SQL lines

Use simple SQL commands to automatically classify & label text columns, create messages, summarize, translate & more!

Increase data efficiencies
  • Analyze text data
    Turn your unstructured data into valuable insights by automatically classifying and labeling it

  • Minimize manual ETL-ing, Data Governance, or Security issues
    Apply Hugging Face and OpenAI models directly to your data inside database

  • NLP in Bulk
    Run NLP use-cases across all available unstructured data in your tables with a few lines of SQL rather than individual API calls and ETL-ing data

Accelerate AI deployment
  • Leverage state-of-the-art pre-trained NLP models
    Access Hugging Face and OpenAI models and apply them to your own data in a fast and simple way for a wide number of use-cases

  • NLP at the Data Layer
    Generate predictions and inference directly at the data layer as regular tables.

  • Flexible to use and manage
    Call NLP models with only a few lines of SQL code.

State-of-the-art stack
Reduce development complexity
  • Reduce the complexity of integrating NLP
    Access NLP models and data through a single interface, inside the database environment

  • Minimize the effort of moving to production
    Remove the need to manipulate data by combining NLP models and data layers seamlessly and by integrating the models and their predictions at the source.

  • Easily build multi-layered AI solutions
    Apply other machine learning tasks (like regression, time-series) after classifying unstructured data with NLP.  Leverage the ecosystem of MindsDB integrations with many leading ML frameworks and data platforms.


Follow these practical step-by-step guides with demo data

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Popular use cases

Churn Reduction​

Text Classification

Automatically classify messages or comments for detecting toxicity or spam

Churn Reduction​

Sentiment analysis

Automatically flag product reviews, mentions, comments as positive, negative, neutral, or detect certain type of emotion (e.g. hate speech)

Churn Reduction​


Automatically detect language and translate any texts using pre-trained AI models

Churn Reduction​


Produce short summaries of long texts without losing the original meaning.

Churn Reduction​

Question Answering

Automatically respond to questions, comments, or make other conversations

Churn Reduction​

Zero-shot analysis

Labeling texts when you don't even have any training data.

Make your database intelligent

Get it learning. Predicting. Analyzing. Quick results. Minimal setup.

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