MindsDB integrates with the most popular databases.

We use tabular data directly from your database, datastore, or BI tool to deliver accurate AI forecasts as simple tables. Leverage your enterprise data to generate mission-critical forecasts directly in your database.

Works with
any relational database

Bringing AutoML to who knows data best can significantly augment the capacity to solve significant problems. We integrate with top SQL-based databases to add a Machine Learning layer on top to generate predictions for a variety of use cases.

Empower your BI tool with
Machine Learning capabilities

MindsDB expands beyond database integration and empowers all SQL-based BI tools with Artificial intelligence powers. 

"As more open source database users get hold of machine learning tools, it will be very exciting to see what the community will produce and how we’ll benefit from AI and ML going forward."
Patrik Backman
Founder of MariaDB

Add Machine Learning to
all your data sources

Wherever your data lives, MindsDB spots patterns and provides accurate forecasts. Additionally to databases and BI tools, you can use your preferred data sources to train & deploy models at the source.