Unlock the power of Natural Language Processing

With just a few SQL commands turn text data into valuable insights, directly from your database.

Increase data efficiencies, accelerate model deployment, and reduce development complexity.

Make text data in your database useful
  • Run state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) across all available text data in your database, in as simple as a few lines of SQL rather than individual API calls and complex ETL pipelines

  • Avoid security issues when moving your text data outside the database for NLP tasks

  • Do real-time NLP as data gets in and out of your database

Accelerate model deployment
  • Access pre-trained state-of-the-art NLP models and apply them to your own data in a fast and simple way.

  • Generate predictions and inference directly at the data layer.

  • Consume models as regular data and query them with standard SQL.

  • Flexibility and Simplicity. Call HF models with only a few lines of SQL code.

State-of-the-art stack
Reduce deployment complexity
  • Access to all Hugging Face models through a single interface.

  • Remove the need to manipulate data by combining NLP models and data layers seamlessly integrating the model and its predictions at the source.

  • Leverage MindsDB’s cloud infrastructure to make large batch predictions faster via high-performance GPUs and parallelization.

Popular use cases

Churn Reduction​

Text Classification

Automatically classify messages or comments for detecting toxicity or spam

Churn Reduction​

Sentiment analysis

Automatically flag product reviews, mentions, comments as positive, negative, neutral, or label more types of sentiments!

Churn Reduction​


Automatically translate any texts into different languages using AI models

Churn Reduction​


Produce short summaries of long texts without losing the original meaning.

Churn Reduction​

Emotion detection (e.g. hate-speech)

Flag specific types of emotions, like hate speech,  in any texts, messages, comments, etc

Churn Reduction​

Zero-shot analysis

Labeling texts when you don't even have any training data.

Make your database intelligent

Get it learning. Predicting. Analyzing.Quick results. Minimal setup.

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