MindsDB at PyCon SK 2019

March 22–24, Bratislava

Join MindsDB at PyCon SK in Bratislava from March 22–24. In its fourth year, PyCon SK is an annual conference for people who use and develop applications with the open-source programming language python.

MindsDB CTO, Jorge Torres, has been selected as a PyCon SK speaker and will give a speech on machine learning democratization on Friday, March 22. Come and hear Jorge discuss how organizations can’t expect machine learning experts to be both domain experts across various fields and true experts in machine learning at the same time. And how critical it is to rethink how we build tools so that we can provide machine learning capabilities to experts in various disciplines who aren’t necessarily savvy in machine learning but have expertise in their own domains.

Catch Jorge’s speech from 10:20–10:50pm on Friday, March 22nd in Aula Magna -1.61.

In addition to Jorge, our CEO, Adam Carrigan, and members of our product and community teams will also be at PyCon SK. Are you also attending the conference and are interested in connecting with us to discuss MindsDB, machine learning democratization, or job opportunities at MindsDB?

Schedule some time to meet with us there by clicking here. We’d love to meet you.

To learn more about PyCon SK 2019, visit their website.

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