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MindsDB introduces ML to the data’s source – inside the database – to empower professional and non-professional data teams to achieve their goals quicker, and at lower cost.
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Direct is better. MindsDB enables prediction and analysis, and the creation of ML workflows, directly from DataStax. For data teams, this means managing exploration, training, versioning, and inference from a single interface.

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Faster time to market
  • Quickly build an integrated ML system operable in-production, in-database.

  • Simplify the most cumbersome steps of MLOps workflows such as deploying models, and more.

  • Build and train machine-learning models from one interface: your database. No additional tools required.

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Lower costs of ML projects
  • Save money on developing expensive ML infrastructure.

  • Dynamically add ML capabilities to data using SQL.

  • Choose to automate the complexity of ML modeling, or retain manual control.

  • Integration support for multiple databases with minimal setup time

State-of-the-art stack
State-of-the-art stack
  • Built on top of leading ML frameworks (PyTorch, LightGBM, etc.),  MindsDB provides industry-leading forecasting capabilities for complex time-series, multivariate, high cardinality data.

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