How to use machine learning to forecast ETH-USD prices


Jorge Torres, CEO, MindsDB

Nicolas Hourcard, CEO, QuestDB

Javier Ramirez, Developer Advocate, QuestDB

MindsDB and QuestDB co-hosted a webinar on June 28th, 2022 about Machine Learning over time-series data with a demo of predicting Crypto prices.


The success of your predictions depends both on the data you have available and the models you train this data on. Data Scientists and Data engineers need best-in-class tools to prepare the data for feature engineering, the best training models, and the best way of deploying, monitoring, and managing these implementations for optimal prediction confidence.

At QuestDB it’s all about performance and to demonstrate this crypto market data is ingested real-time from the Coinbase marketplace to show how quickly datasets can be analyzed with SQL. Running MindsDB with QuestDB can significantly increase the performance and reduce the computational requirements of training your machine learning models to forecast Crypto prices.

Come join us for a joint webinar with QuestDB and MindsDB to learn more about:

  • How to connect QuestDB to MindsDB
  • The benefits of running ML models with QuestDB and MindsDB
  • How you can enable real-time machine learning on Crypto price forecasts with QuestDB and MindsDB

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