Snowflake Data Science meetup: Visualizing Time-Series Forecasting with MindsDB

Join MindsDB experts at the upcoming Snowflake Data Science user group meetup on Feb 22 at 10:00AM (PST)
We will make a Live Demo of visualizing forecasts over complex time-series data using Machine Learning. … Read More

Snowflake MindsDB Superset

How to make AI-powered forecasts in Apache Superset and Snowflake using MindsDB

In this article we will show how you can enable real-time machine learning with Snowflake and MindsDB, and visualize predictions with Apache Superset. … Read More

MindsDB FOunders Jorge Torres and Adam Carrigan

Press Release: ML Startup MindsDB Announces $7.6M Total Seed Funding; Partners with Snowflake, SingleStore & Datastax

MindsDB, the open-source machine learning (ML) startup that brings ML to the database, today announced an investment from Walden Catalyst Ventures, closing out MindsDB’s total seed round to $7.6M. … Read More

Snowflake MindsDB Superset

Visualizing Time-Series Forecasting with Snowflake, Preset and MindsDB

Learn how to quickly and easily build and visualize forecasts from your complex data using automated machine learning built into SQL. Follow the demo of predicting & visualizing bus rides in Chicago. … Read More

Webinar: Visualizing Time-Series Forecasting with Snowflake and MindsDB

MindsDB and Snowflake will co-host a live webinar on August 31, 2021 @ 10:00 AM (US Pacific Time) on Time-Series Forecasting with Machine Learning inside Snowflake. The success of your predictions depends both on the data you have available and the models you train this … Read More