MindsDB at PyTorch Developer Day 2021

Data is diverse and varied, as is the degree to which users want customizability in an AutoML pipelines. This is why we recently developed a declarative syntax, named “JSON-AI”, to allow for easy customization of ML model internals without needing to change source code. … Read More

PyTorch community voices

PyTorch via SQL commands with MindsDB – PyTorch Community Voices

Watch our talk at Pytorch Community Voices, where MindsDB AI researchers Natasha Seelam and Patricio Cerda-Mardini share how to run PyTorch-based Machine Learning models inside databases via SQL commands. … Read More

PyTorch and MindsDB Timeseries

Multivariate time-series forecasts inside databases with MindsDB and PyTorch

Time series forecasting is a difficult task that spans decades of R&D. In this blog post we’ll delve into MindsDB solution that handles a wide variety of time-series forecasting scenarios inside databases, with the help of powerful PyTorch features and abstractions. … Read More

PyTorch via SQL Commands (PyTorch Ecosystem Day)

In this presentation, we would focus on the core component of MindsDB called Lightwood, that abstracts models as virtual database tables so they can be operated via SQL commands on top of the PyTorch framework. … Read More