SingleStore Machine Learning

In-SingleStore Machine Learning

Make predictions from tables inside your SingleStore database, then visualize them in your Analytics Platform, all using standard SQL. 

Making Machine Learning native to SingleStore

Your data lives in SingleStore, so why do machine learning anywhere else?

MindsDB is partnering with SingleStore to bring advanced machine learning capabilities at the source of data.

It makes AI projects more efficient and enables new capabilities, not possible with a classical ML approach, like forecasting over multivariate time-series data.


“Working with AI as Tables feels very familiar… What if we don’t have to move the data outside of the Database? What if we can bring machine learning to the Database… We are very delighted to be partnering with MindsDB”
Oliver Schabenberger
Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore
“Looker’s unique architecture is uniquely placed to take advantage of some of the really exciting things such as Automated Machine Learning with MindsDB”
Eric Carr
Senior Director at Looker