Webinar: Real-time Machine Learning in SingleStore with MindsDB


Real-time Machine Learning in

SingleStore with MindsDB


Jorge Torres, CEO of MindsDB

Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore

Carl Sverre, Senior Director, Engineering at SingleStore

SingleStore and MindsDB recently announced a partnership to advance machine learning innovation to provide new machine learning capabilities within the SingleStore database.

Running MindsDB with SingleStore can significantly increase the performance and reduce the computational requirements of training your machine learning algorithms. SingleStore also supports features and characteristics that allow real-time machine learning, similar to leading streaming platforms.

If you are already a SingleStore user, you can take advantage of key features quickly to enable fast, efficient machine learning capabilities directly in your database by simply connecting SingleStore to the MindsDB service.

Come join us for a joint webinar with MindsDB to learn more about:

  • How you can enable real-time machine learning with SingleStore and MindsDB
  • New capabilities and benefits of running ML models with SingleStore and MindsDB
  • Column stats, Histograms, Windowing, and other key functions