QuestDB Machine Learning

In-QuestDB Machine Learning

Make predictions from tables inside your QuestDB database, then visualize them in your Analytics Platform, all using standard SQL.

QuestDB Machine Learning

Making Machine Learning native to QuestDB

Your data lives in QuestDB, so why do machine learning anywhere else?

MindsDB is partnering with QuestDB to bring advanced machine learning capabilities at the source of data.

It makes AI projects more efficient and enables new capabilities, not possible with a classical ML approach, like forecasting over multivariate time-series data.


“Running MindsDB with QuestDB can significantly increase the performance of processing time-series data and reduce the time required to train and deploy your machine learning models. As our customers deploy enterprise ML applications at scale, the seamless integration with MindsDB and QuestDB will accelerate the development and deployment of their time-series based machine learning use cases."
Nicolas Hourcard
Chief ​Executive Officer, ​QuestDB
"I am excited to see MindsDB providing the power of machine learning, without leaving the convenience of SQL. There has been significant demand in the community for machine learning tools that work with on-premises data, can be run by the average database user, and are delivered cost-effectively."
Peter Zaitsev
CEO at Percona