Supercharge your dashboards and visualizations with Machine Learning

…using the syntax and tools you already know

Supercharge your dashboards with predictive analytics

Add predictions to your existing dashboards and unlock a whole new level of insight.

Make better more accurate business decisions

Don’t just look at the past, predict the future to make more informed decisions.

Accessible Machine Learning to anyone who knows SQL

Empower anyone inside your organization to leverage predictive analytics, through the tools your team already use.

Easy setup with existing workflows and tools

All powered by sophisticated
Automated Machine Learning built into SQL

SELECT your data using SQL: Use standard SQL to SELECT which data to use in the model training process. Use joins, views and other standard SQL to get your data the way you want it.
CREATE models using SQL: Use the CREATE syntax to train a new model with the data from the SELECT statement above.
VIEW predictions along side your current tables: CREATE VIEW displays the newly generated predictions with your existing data in a new table.
SELECT your predictions: Use a SELECT statement to make a prediction from the generated model

What more control over the model building and tuning process? You can use our underlying AutoML open source framework Lightwood, which enables greater flexibility.