Welcome to your comprehensive look at what’s new in MindsDB for March 2020.

MindsDB Scout

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of the newest version of MindsDB Scout. This latest version, MindsDB Scout 1.0.0, includes:

The updated Connection dashboard offers users easy navigation through the Local and Remote Server connections.

Connection Dashboard

The new Datasources dashboard provides Quality Score insights of the data where the user can get data columns scores for completeness, correctness and other statistics of the data.

Datasource Quality

The redesigned Predictors dashboard aims to answer the most important questions related to the generated models:

1. Is model complete

2. What is relevant for this model

3. When can you trust this model

Predictor Quality

By previewing the answers from the above questions, users can visualize the   model accuracies, column importances, confusion matrix. Now, Scout’s Predictors dashboard offers an advanced mode where users can add additional arguments as the margin of error, use GPU, choose backend, columns to be removed, etc before training the model.

Predictors Advanced Mode

In the new Query dashboard, the user can get predictions from the models. Scout’s new Query dashboard offers an explanation and extra insights about each prediction.

Query Prediction Dashboard

We’ll release a new tutorial where you can learn all of the new MindsDB Scout features soon.


Recently  released MindsDB version 1.14.1 includes:

  • Improved confidence when Ludwig is used as a backend
  • Minor improvements to the model analysis results
  • Improved MindsDB CI build status to show status per supported Operating Systems (Linux, macOS, Windows)
  • More detailed confidence info by using TransactionOutputRow explain function that will return prediction quality, confidence interval and also important missing information.


The latest Lightwood version 0.18.1 includes:

  • A new numerical encoder that will improve the model accuracy
  • Range predictions

MindsDB Server

The MindsDB Server has a new endpoint for renaming the models. The same new endpoint is available in MindsDB JS SDK too.


We have released MindsDB SDK for JavaScript on npm. You can install it by using

npm install mindsdb-js-sdk or yarn add mindsdb-js-sdk

MindsDB Live Machine Learning Classes

As in February, in March we have continued hosting weekly Live Machine Learning classes. The aim is to help developers learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning in an hour long  interactive session that includes a  question and answers portion where attendees can get real-time answers from our team.

Our next class will be on March 26th, 2020 (Thursday) at 12:00 PM (PDT). You can register to join us for it here.

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