Cutting-edge forecasting made simple

MindsDB <> Nixtla integration makes it easier than ever for #developers to build AI-powered time-series forecasting & anomaly detection.

Leverage the power of state-of-the-art time-series machine learning engines integrated into the familiar developer environment. 

With MindsDB, you don’t have to write extensive code, making the AI development process faster and more accessible.
Best in class AI-based forecasting tools
  • Leverage the ecosystem of Nixtla’s state-of-the-art open source time series machine learning engines.

  • Handle multivariate series even with high-cardinality

  • Detect Anomalies in your data streams in real time

Accessible for developers of all skill levels
  • Eliminate complex ETL-ing and moving data - models are integrated into the data layer

  • Apply forecasts with a single SQL or MongoDB query

  • Leverage fully automated machine learning workflow (pre-processing, feature engineering, algorithm selection, etc)

State-of-the-art stack
Reduce development complexity
  • Learn from your historical data with one simple statement

  • Models are auto-provisioned and are immediately available for consumption

  • Continuous learning and auto model re-training with simple JOBs function


Follow these practical step-by-step guides with demo data

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