MySQL Integration

Build, train, test & query Machine Learning models in MySQL.

MySQL users can use AI Tables to learn and make predictions from their data with no machine learning experience. You can now run a simple SQL query to deploy automated machine learning models directly inside the MySQL database.

Turn data into predictions with
MySQL and AI Tables.

With MindsDB and MySQL you can train and test neural-networks-based Machine Learning models with the same knowledge you have of SQL.

AI Tables differ from normal tables in that they can generate predictions upon being queried and returning such predictions like if it was data that existed on the table.

Simply put, an AI-Table allows you to use machine learning models as if they were normal database tables, in something that in plain SQL looks like this:

SELECT predicted_variable FROM ML_model WHERE conditions

See how to install and run MindsDB with MySQL .

You can, for instance, with a single INSERT statement, create a machine learning model/predictor trained to predict a specific value, such as “price’ using the data that lives in a table you selected, and publish it as an AI Table called ‘table_model_example’, which in plain SQL looks like this:

INSERT INTO mindsdb.predictors(name, predict, select_data_query)

VALUES (‘table_model_example’, ‘price’, ‘SELECT * FROM table_data_example);

"I am excited to see MindsDB providing the power of machine learning, without leaving the convenience of SQL. There has been significant demand in the community for machine learning tools that work with on-premises data, can be run by the average database user, and are delivered cost-effectively."
Peter Zaitsev
CEO of Percona

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