MariaDB Integration

Train & deploy ML models directly in MariaDB.

MindsDB integrates natively with MariaDB to enable machine learning to the wildly popular open-source relational database. You can now train & deploy machine learning models directly in MariaDB.

Turn data into predictions with MariaDB.

With MindsDB and MariaDB you can train and test neural-networks-based Machine Learning models with the same knowledge you have of SQL.

The whole integration consists of two important parts:

  1. The Machine Learning models are exposed as database tables (AI Tables) that can be queried with the SELECT statements.
  2. The ML model generation and training is done through a simple INSERT statement. This is possible thanks to MariaDBs CONNECT engine, which enables us to publish tables that live outside MariaDB.

Since MindsDB supports the MySQL tcp-ip protocol, AI Tables can be plugged as if they are external MariaDB tables. 

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“This integration will have a massive impact on the industry as the MariaDB user base finds new ways to solve their problems by bringing machine learning inside the database.”
Patrik Backman
General Partner and co-founder at OpenOcean and co-founder of MariaDB.

See how MindsDB works with MariaDB.

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