MariaDB Integration

Integrated Machine Learning directly in MariaDB

Make fast, relevant, predictions on the top of your data in MariaDB using SQL. By integrating machine learning into your data layer, you can eliminate costly replication and simplify your application infrastructure.

Making Machine Learning native to MariaDB

Your data lives in MariaDB, so why do machine learning anywhere else?

With MindsDB we rethink the way machine learning models are trained and run. By moving  Machine Learning to the data layer you can.

Make fast, relevant predictions directly on top of your data in MariaDB.

Eliminate costly replication

Simplify your application infrastructure

Machine Learning using the
language & tools you already know

Perform machine learning natively inside MariaDB, using standard SQL queries

       Our integration consists of three important parts:


Machine Learning models are exposed as database tables (AI Tables) that can be queried with SELECT statements.


The machine learning model generation and training are done through a simple INSERT statement.


This is possible thanks to MariaDBs CONNECT engine, which enables us to publish tables that live outside MariaDB. Since MindsDB supports the MySQL TCP-IP protocol, AI Tables can be plugged in as if they are external MariaDB tables.

See how to install and run MindsDB with MySQL from our docs.

“This integration will have a massive impact on the industry as the MariaDB user base finds new ways to solve their problems by bringing machine learning inside the database.”
Patrik Backman
General Partner and co-founder at OpenOcean and co-founder of MariaDB.

Let’s see how it works

The data

Used car sale price for Audi vehicles, the aim is to predict the list price when advertising a car for sale.
Source: Kaggle

Training a model

To train a model you just INSERT a new record inside the mindsdb.predictors table, which was created when connecting MindsDB to MariaDB.​


To make a prediction you need to SELECT the model from the model table mindsdb.used_car_model and specify the appropriate features. i.e model is an Audi A6.

Now you can visualize your predictions in your BI tools

See how MindsDB works with MariaDB.

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