Clickhouse Integration

Build, train, test & query Machine Learning models in ClickHouse.

ClickHouse users can use AI Tables to learn and make predictions from their data with no machine learning experience. You can now run a simple SQL query to deploy automated machine learning models directly inside the Clickhouse database.

Turn data into predictions with
ClickHouse and AI Tables.

With MindsDB and ClickHouse you can train and test neural-networks-based Machine Learning models with the same knowledge you have of SQL.

We make use of ClickHouse’s neat capabilities of accessing external tables as if they were internal tables. As such, the integration of these models is painless and transparent and allows you to:

  1. Expose machine learning models like tables that can be queried. You simply SELECT what you want to predict and you pass in the WHERE statement the conditions for the prediction.
  2. Automatically, build, test, and train machine learning models with a simple INSERT statement, where you specify what you want to learn and from what query.

"The MindsDB team has come up with a creative way to integrate machine learning models with ClickHouse."

See how MindsDB works with ClickHouse.

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MindsDB Premium Support

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