Bring your own ML models

Bring your own ML models to the Database

MindsDB enables you to import models you have created in other frameworks such as Pytorch and Tensorflow and query predictions right from inside your Database or BI tool.

Benefits of MindsDB

MindsDB provides an end-to-end machine learning solution, including a state-of-the-art open-source AutoML framework called lightwood.

However, we understand some people already have models or just love using an existing framework, but still want the benefits that come with using MindsDB.

Benefits of Bring Your Own Models (BYOM) by MindsDB:

  • Use existing frameworks or already built models
  • AI Tables: Ability to query predictions/models directly from the database
  • Explainability (XAI) on your existing models
  • Move to production quicker
  • Auto-retain with set frequency to ensure the best accuracy

Bring Predictions into your BI Tools

Supercharge your historical BI Dashboards with predictions. Visualize your predictions in your BI tool of choice. MindsDB speaks the SQL Wire Protocol and thus works with the majority of BI tools.

We support all BI tools that use the
SQL Wire Protocol

Which includes