User Question: Requirements and Skills Needed to Use MindsDB
A user wants to know what skills and requirements they'd need to use MindsDB.

User Question: What are the necessary requirements or skills needed to make use of MindsDB? Are there any programming languages attached?

This is related to the accessibility function of MindsDB. Our general objective is to make sure that anyone can use MindsDB. Of course, we cannot start by making it so that everyone can use it, but we try to keep it as simple as possible even from the very beginning. 

Right now, we  have a native interface that runs on python so you don’t have to have a server to be able to use it. All you have to do is  run pip3 install mindsdb  and, with one line of code, you can do the rest (for how, visit the documentation).

MindsDB generates metadata about your specific machine learning task, that you can visualize through our graphical user interface, MindsDB Scout. If you’d prefer to not visualize your data, you can explore the JSON documentation that we provide. 

Beyond Python, you can attach MindsDB through an API and using most programming languages like JavaScript, R, C, or Go. We support most of the most popular stacks. Additionally, we have an SDK for javascript (since JavaScript is one of the most used programming solutions currently out, we decided to start with it). You’ll find the API Documentation here.

This is from the developer’s end. If you’re not a developer, are a beginner developer, or know little about developing, you can still use MindsDB through our graphical user interface, Scout. With Scout, all you need is to have experience using excel. Using it is as simple as uploading an excel sheet or .csv file to make and learn from your predictions. 

The reason we made MindsDB open source was to both provide full transparency and open the feedback loop so that we could receive as much feedback as possible from people who have questions that they may not be able to answer because they don’t have a technical background. By providing different ways for people to access MindsDB,  we leave room for different personas to be able to take advantage of MindsDB.