Trip Recap: MindsDB in Central Europe

As a primarily remote company, the MindsDB team doesn’t often get to meet and collaborative together in person. So when our CTO, Jorge Torres, was invited to present at PyConSK in Bratislava, we decided to use that invitation as an opportunity to bring the whole team together to not only attend the conference, but also spend a week taking meetings and working together in the same space.

This brought us together in the central European cities of Bratislava and Vienna last week. To try to summarize the week with text alone wouldn’t do it justice, so here are some pictures:

MindsDB CTO, Jorge Torres, giving a talk on Machine Learning Democratization at PyConSK 2019.
The team in the hallway during PyConSK. No, the guy in the purple isn’t Jesus, it’s George Hosu, our machine learning engineer.
While in Vienna, a few members of our jet-lagged team found opportunities to (not so discreetly) nap after a long day of meetings.
George was so sleepy he forgot to take his coat off before taking a quick power nap.
Jorge seemed a lot more comfortable while napping in his hoodie.
Is that what productive faces look like? This is after a four-hour long workshop with two members of our brilliant Vienna-based marketing team.
When we weren’t attending workshops and conferences and taking meetings, we spent much of our time working together in this lovely apartment we rented for the week.
It wasn’t all work, however. PyConSK hosted a special attendees dinner on Saturday night that we attended and had lots of fun at. We played a ton of foosball and darts as a team during the event.
We also made sure to take in some sights during the trip. Adam Carrigan (our CEO), George, and me (Community & Sales) after taking in the panoramic views of Bratislava from the city’s UFO Observation Deck.
The team and some friends we made at PyConSK at SubClub, an underground club located beneath the Bratislava castle.
A view of SubClub from the outside.

This wraps up what was a remarkable week of knowledge gathering, customer conversations, and team building. Stay tuned for more posts on life at MindsDB and future company-wide trips.