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Hello, MindsDB community!

For customers who prefer to interact with MindsDB via a graphical user interface (GUI), MindsDB comes with a free add-on called MindsDB Studio. MindsDB Studio interfaces with the MindsDB API and based on your feedback we are redesigning it in phases. We are currently shipping MindsDB Studio version 2.0 and will only be supporting connecting to a database or uploading files in MindsDB Studio version 2.5 effective October, 28, 2021. You can continue to connect to data sources, do feature engineering, train models, get predictions, and provide confidence values via standard SQL commands at the command line.

We will be updating the current PyPI and Docker images to MindsDB Studio 2.5 effective October, 28 and will make prior versions available on request until the release of MindsDB Studio 3.0, currently scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

All of your existing datasource connections will remain visible in MindsDB Studio 2.5, however the trained models will instead appear as a table via a SQL client. Try the following and tell us what you think in our Slack community channel:

Or, you can follow this full tutorial.

To make MindsDB feature requests please contribute via the MindsDB GitHub Repo, for technical support contact us via the MindsDB GitHub forum, and if you would like to participate in our Beta program please contact us via this form.

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