AI Tables

Deploy Machine Learning models
directly in your database with AI Tables.

Move your models instantly to production, reduce resources, and overhead costs with AI Tables that deliver the predictions you need as tables in the database of your choice.

Use your data at the source
to generate accurate forecasts.

Get the predictions you need as tables and query the results anytime in seconds as if they were existing tables.

AI Tables are created with simple queries inside the database or data store and contain predictions generated in real-time by the models.

MindsDB looks and acts like a database and thus seamlessly interacts with your current database and BI tools.

Use the data you have

MindsDB works right at your data source, on various tabular data such as numbers, categories, dates/timestamps, text (including lengthy text, e.g., articles), and images, so your use cases are limitless.

Instant Deployment

Because MindsDB acts like a database once you find the right model, deployment takes just a matter of seconds. Setup automated retraining as you collect more data to ensure you always have the latest and most accurate model in production. This is all handled behind the scenes you don't have to.

Use Fewer Resources

Our codeless interface guides users through the full end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, making it easy for anyone on your team to build models and reliably incorporate them into broader applications.

Download the MindsDB
AI Tables Whitepaper.

Learn how to train & deploy Machine Learning Models
directly in your database using simple SQL queries.

 See how to move your models instantly to production, reduce resources and overhead costs with AI Tables. Deliver the predictions you need as tables in the database of your choice.

Databases we integrate with

MindsDB brings Machine Learning directly to all of the leading Databases and Data Warehouses.

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